About Us

Crimson Kings was Founded by Luke Johnson & Jack Copley having amassed an array of experience in Tree Climbing being Lincolnshire Arborists for over 5 years.

We are two professional arborists called Luke Johnson & Jack Copley, as well as other friendly staff who work with us. Based in Grantham, we are tree surgeons who cover the East Midlands and beyond. We are lucky enough to be involved with the management of our customer’s trees, from the rural countryside locations to busy urban environments. Crimson Kings Tree Service was launched at the beginning of 2019, although we have many years of experience, including working in countries such as Canada, Sweden and Germany.

It is essential that your trees are carefully assessed and worked on by a professional arborist to ensure that they prosper for many years to come. Sometimes trees can be in poor health or simply planted in the wrong place. At Crimson Kings, we will always offer our free honest advice on what course of action we should take, whether it be tree removal, pruning, or left alone all together.

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