Tree Management

In a perfect world, human intervention with trees would be kept to a minimum and they would left to grow to their full potential. This, however, is not the world we live in. Trees are often planted too close to hazards like houses and public footpaths and can cause a serious risk to human/animal life and property. It is important to manage those risks properly with the professional advice of an arborist. Even if a tree is perfectly safe and healthy, they can quickly outgrow the location they are situated in or become unsightly.

Crimson Kings offer a range of tree service solutions. We can provide free specialist advice to suit your arboricultural requirements. We have experience in dealing with a variety of trees, from small young trees to huge dead trees that overhang buildings. Both scenarios require experienced and knowledgeable tree surgeons to undertake the work.

Crown Lifting

Raising the canopy by cutting off the lower branches. This could be done to achieve many things, like opening up a view, clearing a roadway or footpath from the lower branches or creating a clear line of sight.

Crown Reduction

This pruning operation is done to reduce the overall size of a tree. It generally means that an even amount is taken off the entire canopy. For example, you could do a 1-2 meter reduction on a large beech. The idea is to maintain the trees natural shape but reduce the size.

Crown Thinning

If a tree’s canopy is extremely dense, then the pruning process of thinning can let more light through. For example, Lime trees often have a very dense and busy inner canopy and could be blocking all of the light out of your garden. A thin would leave the tree at the same physical size but the canopy would be more open and allow more light to pass through.

Target Pruning

If there is a specific area of a tree that is posing a risk or is becoming a nuisance, we could prune that area in so that it is no longer a problem. For example there could be a large cedar limb that is overhanging your neighbour’s conservatory. If the branch is allowed to grow for too long, then there is a potential for it to come crashing down on a conservatory and you would be liable for damages. Our trained specialists could safely remove that limb, using advanced rigging techniques, to eliminate any risk of damage.


A relatively severe pruning operation if you are pollarding a tree for the first time. Only certain species can cope with this type of pruning well such and willow and poplar. It can, on the other hand, be an effective way of maintaining the size of a mature tree. Once a tree has been pollarded, it will need to re-done on a cyclical basis. Usually 1-5 years depending on the desired size of the tree.

Dead Wooding

Although deadwood in a tree is not necessarily unhealthy, it is much more likely to pose a threat to things or people below it. This process involves pruning off all the major deadwood in a tree that could potentially cause damage.


If a tree needs to be removed because it is unsafe or in a bad location and there is room to fell the tree from the ground safely, then this is sometimes the better option. This can be a potentially hazardous operation and should only ever be carried out by a trained professional.


If a tree needs to be removed because it is unsafe or in a bad location and there is not enough room to fell the tree from the ground safely, then this is the only option. We may need to use ropes to rig down large sections of the tree to avoid it damaging the target beneath it. Crimson Kings are qualified, experienced and fully insured in this kind of work.

Cable Bracing

Sometimes pruning can be detrimental to the health of a tree, especially if it is not done properly. Cable bracing can offer another alternative solution to help prevent the failure of major limbs of a tree.

Root Decompaction

A tree’s health can quickly decline if the soil around the root plate has been compacted, often by vehicles or construction machinery. We offer a number of solutions to help rectify this problem, such as air spading and mulching.

Conservation area & TPO applications

Sometime trees can be under the protection of a TPO (tree preservation order) or within a conservation area. Crimson Kings can deal with the application from start to finish on your behalf.

24 hour emergency callout

If you are in need of immediate assistance please first of all make sure you are a safe distance from the affected tree(s). Windblown trees can be extremely unpredictable and dangerous. Call (Luke) 07590326300 or (Jack) 07538454938 as soon possible and explain the situation. We are available 24/7 for emergency tree services.

Hedge Management

Hedges can come in all shapes and sizes and serve many purposes. Some need maintaining once, even twice a year so that they are always in good form. Others can be done less regularly as the aesthetics of the hedge isn’t as important. Either way, Crimson Kings have the correct tools and experience to carry out this kind of work to a high standard. We must also consider when is the right time of year to cut hedges from species to species. Nesting birds can also be a huge factor. It is an offence according to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to cause damage to or disturb nesting birds. This, however, is only when there is a nest present.

Hedge Trimming

Usually done at least once a year. We can come on a one off basis or we can set up an annual plan to make sure your hedges are always in great shape.

Hedge Reduction

If a hedge has been left to get too big, sometimes we have to reduce the overall height of it. This usually involves additional machinery as a hedge trimmer is not adequate enough to make larger cuts

Stump Services

Once a tree has either been felled or dismantled, the only thing that is left in place is the stump. This can often be a nice feature in a garden and many people use the old stumps as like to keep the stumps. More often than not though, they are rather inconvenient. They could be in the way of a new development or look rather unsightly. Depending on the species of tree or shrub, they could even start throwing out new shoots. Luckily Crimson Kings have some different solutions in place.

Stump Poisoning

This is a cheaper option than grinding out the stump as no additional machinery in required. Grooves around the cambium layer are cut with a chainsaw and a poison which is designed to target that species of tree is carefully applied. This will not remove the stump but it will kill it so that over time it will eventually decay.

Stump Grinding

Depending on the access to the stump, a tracked machine or a smaller pedestrian one will be deployed. These machines grind out the stump so they are 100% under the ground level. This is an ideal solution if you wanted the stumps to be completely taken out to put a fence in its place. Once the procedure is finished, all that is left is mulch, which will degrade over time.

Site Clearance

Commercial & Domestic site clearance

Whether you are a commercial or domestic client, Crimson Kings Tree Service can quickly and effectively remove all the vegetation from your land in a safe and professional manner. We have the knowledge, equipment and connections within the industry to offer you this service with confidence.